The Austrian Service Abroad and the contributions of its members are based on 4 pillars:

1. Personal development

Cooperation within the Austrian Service Abroad, the preparations for the candidates’ service abroad as well as their actual volunteering abroad experience serve the personal development of the individuals. In addition to acquiring relevant knowledge, the candidates are given ample opportunities to learn professional skills via contributing to the workflow of the Austrian Service Abroad as well as the partner organization, which probably will be significant for their future careers.

2. Partner organization

The Austrian Service Abroad is about strengthening the partner organizations via sending them suitable volunteers who can contribute meaningfully to the work of the host organization. Great care is being invested by the Austrian Service Abroad regarding choosing candidates well suited to the specific requirements of the partner. This includes tailor-made preparations to the specific organization and country the candidate is being sent to. Austrian Servants Abroad also serve as an interface, communication and cooperation channel between the Austrian Service Abroad and the partner organization.

3. Austrian Service Abroad

The Austrian Service Abroad could not exist the way it does without the contributions of its members before, during and after completion of the service abroad. Every member is therefore asked to get involved in one of the organization’s divisions and teams providing voluntary work. This is required as part of the justification for sending someone abroad as the voluntary contributions are a decisive factor for that. The Austrian Service Abroad provides the valuable opportunity of working together with like-minded people, exchanging views, making friends and learning from many different well-educated people, besides the platform for doing a voluntary service abroad, which may be recognized as an alternative to Austria’s compulsory military service.

4. Republic of Austria & European Union

Austrian Servants Abroad should, especially during their time of their service abroad, be aware of being representatives of Austria and the European Union. The organization’s statutes define part of its raison d’être to serve the interests and reputation of the Republic of Austria. Servants Abroad are often called “little ambassadors of Austria” by politicians and diplomats and always communicate and cooperate with the nearest Austrian embassy. Such a role and function requires responsible behaviour of the servants during their service abroad as well as an effort to convey a positive picture of Austria and the European Union.