Since 1998 the Austrian Service Abroad prepares and sends out volunteers to partner organizations around the world. Due to this it has developed a large network of partnerships around the world (currently 36 countries) and has accumulated plenty of experience in dealing with and taking care of ongoing and active volunteers. In addition, it has also formed a large community of open-minded, culturally sensitive, educated and well-travelled people.

In 2021 the Austrian Service Abroad starts doing the reverse: receiving young internationals to Austria and providing them with a meaningful educational experience. This is the House of Responsibility (HRB) Incoming Fellows Project.

The HRB Incoming Fellows Project is based on the infrastructure of the Austrian Service Abroad. The infrastructure includes the people (past, present & future Austrian Servants Abroad), facilities and partnerships of the Austrian Service Abroad. The project is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Becoming a part of the Austrian Service Abroad organization: HRB Incoming Fellows will be received by the Austrian Service Abroad community and work for the Austrian Service Abroad as volunteers. This is a community of people in preparation of going abroad, of volunteers currently serving abroad and of former volunteers having served abroad. As an HRB Incoming Fellow you will meet some of them, work with them, attend seminars, conferences and events together with them within the framework of contributing to the workflow of the Austrian Service Abroad organization. Be part of our study trips to Poland, visit our monthly meetings in all federal capitals of Austria, participate in our literature clubs, join us in meeting Austrian politicians, diplomats, journalists, mayors; contribute to some of our many online conferences, work in teams within our organizational structure, and much much more. You will also educate us Austrians about your country and your fields of expertise. You are welcome to deliver workshops to us.

  1. Volunteer for partners of the Austrian Service Abroad: HRB Incoming Fellows will have a chance to work for partner organizations of the Austrian Service Abroad within Austria. Since we have a large network of contacts to organizations and institutions such as the Jewish Museum in Vienna, Jewish Students of Austria, Mauthausen Committee, the Foreign Ministry, etc. we will try to provide you with opportunities to work in some of them and learn meaningful skills and knowledge.

  1. Get to know Austria and beyond: HRB Incoming Fellows will not only meet the Austrian Service Abroad community within the context of organizational work but also outside. The Austrian Service Abroad has approximately 230 active members and a network of approx. 550 alumni amongst whom there will certainly be many who would love to meet you and join you in all kinds of activities. Travel together with our Austrians, visit places, cities, museums and countries in their spare time.

The reason d’etre of the HRB Incoming Fellows Project is to facilitate the meeting of people of different origins, identities, cultures, religions, languages, opinions, etc. and learn from one another and together, become friends and develop projects. The HRB Incoming Fellows Project is part of the idea for a House of Responsibility for the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. It is about living the diametrically opposite of what Adolf Hitler stood and still stands for.

You will be stationed in Vienna or Innsbruck and get to know many cities in Austria, including Braunau am Inn.

If you are from certain countries, you might obtain financial support for being an HRB Fellow in Austria.

Are you interested in joining this program and become an HRB Fellow? If so, please share your information and motivation with us here.