It is important to the Austrian Service Abroad to preparare the volunteers well for their placement in advance. Part of the preparation is the creation of preparatory reports, the participation in events, seminars as well as online-conferences.

  • Once a month a physical meeting takes place in the capital of each federal state (Landesreferatstreffen). All colleagues of each federal state meet at this meeting for an exchange.
  • Wednesday-conferences: The Wednesday-conferences take place bi-weekly and are conversations and Q&As with external guests with an expertise relevant to Gedenkdienst, Social and / or Peace Service.
  • Area-conferences: once a month an area-conference for each area takes place. The Austrian Service Abroad has the world divided into 9 separate areas. Which area you belong to depends on the geographic location of the organization of your placement. In these conferences you will learn about topics relevant to your area and you may meet Austrian Servants Abroad from your area.
  • Collaboration in teams / departments: Each candidate needs to join a team or department and contribute to its workflow. You may find an overview of the teams / departments in the organigram of the organization. A digital job-market can help you in finding a team / department. Alternatively you may contact the heads of teams / department directly.
  • In addition, many opportunities for further education are organized and offered on a voluntary basis, such as the literature-club, documentary or film nights, discussion rounds, debates or role-plays, study trips (e.g. to Poland), language meet-up, and more.