Advance the Austrian Service Abroad

You think it’s good that the organization Austrian Service Abroad makes it possible for young Austrians to do a service abroad in the form of Memorial, Social or Peace Service all over the world? You think it’s good that young Austrians intensively deal with the topics Anti-Semitism, Holocaust, Fascism, Totalitarianism, Democracy, Responsibility, Humanity and Peacemaking? You would like to help us to develop even further as an organization and to offer our volunteers abroad an even better care, support, and crisis management than before? Then support us with your Expertise and become our Advisor!

Advisors are people who have professional know-how or experience in certain relevant areas and would like to advise and help us with this. For example, you are a lawyer and are well versed in association or tax law? You have professional experience in marketing, event management, fundraising or organizational development? You offer yourself to contribute to the content-related preparation of our volunteers abroad? Then become our Advisor! To do so, please fill in the contact form so that we can get in touch with you and discuss how you could support us.

We will greatly appreciate your help!

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