Hitler’s Childhood Home Becoming A Museum


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Hitler’s Childhood Home Becoming A Museum

The Nazi dictator’s former residence will be a ‘House of Responsibility’

By: Peter Herriman Published: September 3rd, 2014 in News » World
Hitler's Childhood Home Becoming A Museum
The childhood home of infamous Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler has gone through several transformations over the past few decades. According to Haaretz, since World War II it’s served as a library, bank, school, home for the disabled, and pub. Unfortunately, it does tend to bring in the country’s neo-Nazis, which reportedly visit the house every year on Hitler’s birthday (April 20th). In fact, the local municipality pays the owners 4,000 euros a month to prevent it from falling into the hands of neo-Nazis. Now, reports confirm that the house and childhood residence of the Austrian-born dictator of the Third Reich (located in Braunau) will become a museum known as a ‘House of Responsibility.’ What that entirely entails we’re not quite sure, but it seems that turning the house into some sort of cultural destination is the only real fate of the property.   Unfortunately, creating Hitler’s childhood home into a museum creates a doubled edged sword since, although the site does not want to bring attention to Hitler, it could actually be an ideal way to rob Hitler’s home of any neo-Nazi significance. The Austrian interior ministry is supporting a private initiative by historian Andreas Maislinger who stated that, “”The house will only lose its appeal for such people when it stands as a clear and just symbol against Nazism.”   A final decision has yet to be issued but it is being expected in a few weeks.

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